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Advice for Selling a Home | Tips for a Faster and More Profitable Sale

Simplify Your Experience

From preparing your home, to setting the price, and showing your house when it is on the market, a Realtor will simplify everything. Keep in mind the right agent is often the key to a successful real estate transaction. Our qualified professionals will guide you through the entire process.

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Let our experienced team gain you a faster and more profitable sale!

Pricing Your Home

Correctly pricing your property is vital. Price your home too low and you’ll lose money; price it too high and buyers will shy away. Your Realtor will be able to give you a Competitive Market Analysis for your particular property, which will help you determine the value of your property as well as advice on the condition of the present market.

Promoting Your Property

When selling your home, you will want effective advertising and marketing. From descriptive, colorful ads to internet options, our Realtors are able to attract potential buyers. Promotional campaigns work best when the home is priced right, the home is properly prepared, and the market is a sellers market. Other factors that would limit the affect of promotional campaigns would also be the competition and the financing.

Prepare Wisely

Whatever work has been done up to this point to sell your home, will only have an effect when a buyer walks into your house for the first time. Never underestimate the affect of positive showing. There are numerous ways to prepare your home for a showing.

There may be a variety of reasons if you’ve decided to sell your home. From up sizing, down sizing, cross-country move, it’s exciting to start new adventures. The internet can be an amazing resource for any property seller and we’re here to help.

Selling a home can be stressful and time consuming without the right resources and information. There are plenty of practical matters that need your attention. With our online services, you can avoid the potential hazards.

A Team Effort
The overwhelming majority of home sellers find it advantageous to team up with a Realtor. Rather than attempt to learn about selling a home, most home owners feel that it is better to entrust the sale of their biggest investment to a professional. There are a number of complexities of modern Real Estate transactions that should be considered, not to mention the access to MLS, advertising, marketing and screening which are available to assist the seller. Advice can be given on the condition of the market at the time you are considering selling. Your Realtor will also be able to give you a Competitive Market Analysis for your particular property, which will help you determine the value of your property.

Money Matters
Today’s buyer is well informed and price sensitive. A property that is priced over the market can often deter buyers who are serious about finding a property. If the property is under-priced, it most likely will sell quickly–to the detriment of your net proceeds. Care and research should be taken when establishing the original listing price.
There are many factors that will affect the selling price. The following should help you determine the price you can expect to receive:

  • What are the prices (listing and selling) of similar homes in your area?
  • What is the size, layout and condition of your home?
  • What is the location of your home, are you in a desirable area that is in demand?
  • Does your home have amenities that are currently popular in the marketplace?
  • What is the estimated appraisal?
  • What is the experience of your Realtor?
  • Is it a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market?

Get Ready to Show

It is time to now see look differently and unemotionally at your home. Look at it no longer as your home, but as a product to be marketed. Be aware of what you can and cannot change about your home. This knowledge will allow you to concentrate on those items that will bring the highest rewards.

First Impressions
The first thing a potential buyer sees is your home from the street. They call that first impression “curb appeal.” Take care to:

  • Remove any junk or clutter from the yard
  • Have a clean, crisp lawn, a bit of fertilizer makes for a greener lawn
  • Trim shrubbery and hedges
  • Wash decks and porches make sure they stained or painted
  • Clean and paint or stain your front door
  • All exterior lights should be operational
  • Exterior windows should be clean and operational
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Walkways should be swept and free of snow or ice during winter
  • Make sure the garage door is closed

Finishing Touches
Most of the time you will be given at least a couple of hours notice before showing your home. Before you show your home add these small but important finishing touches. Your home will then put its best foot forward!

Light and Bright – whether day or night, a lit house gives a “welcome home” impression. So turn on all the lights, indoor and outdoor. Open all curtains and drapes to let in maximum light. Your home looks more cheerful and it also prevents harsh shadows.

Out of Sight – prospective buyers may feel like intruders if you are home during a showing. Allow the Realtor the opportunity to speak freely with buyers and emphasis your home’s best features. If possible, take a walk, visit the library, go shopping or take the kids to the park. If you cannot leave, try to remain out of sight and do not accompany the buyers from room to room.

The Scent of Success – Scented sprays are too obvious and may be found offensive. For a pleasing fragrance, add a few drops of vanilla extract on a stove burner or boil water and add some cinnamon. Refrigerator cookies are quick and easy to bake, as well as lighting a scented candle prior to a showing. Both will make your home more attractive.

Waste Not – Empty the trash in the kitchen and any other waste baskets before a showing. Garbage does not send a positive message, even in small amounts.

Comfort Counts– Make sure the thermostat is set such that the house is at a comfortable temperature. Turn off the television and turn soft, melodious music on.

Pets – It is best to try and take your pets with you while your home is being shown. If that is not possible, at least keep them outside. Animals under foot will put a damper on a showing.

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